Backfile Services


There are many problems associated with storing paper documents. If documents are poorly managed, they can easily become lost or even stolen and used in a way that can hurt your business. There are also high financial and operational costs associated with storing paper documents.

In most cases it is no longer appropriate—in terms of efficiency, cost, and government compliance—to store paper documents. Businesses look to electronic storage options that provide them a more comprehensive storage solution.

Backfile Scanning

The experts at ProcessPoint will address virtually any document processing need with a solution that works best for your business. This solution could implement on demand as a service, premises-based, or hybrid onsite-offsite document processing solutions.

On-Site Processing

Processpoint can help you to set up document processing in your own organization. Our focus is on assuring that all content that is being placed in a variety of document management products has been commonized and quality assured. This standardization of format and content assures that your document management system is well-situated to serve as a legal repository of documents with a continuity of content.

We evaluate your document processing needs, recommend the appropriate tools and products, help you to create the process flows, and instruct you on the operation of these products. In addition, we can provide on-site supervision to help you more efficiently process your documents, provide alternative approaches, and recommend an implementation plan.

Off-Site Processing

Our highly skilled and trained document managers grant customers unparalleled knowledge and expertise. With years of scanning experience, ProcessPoint has developed proven processes for handling documents of all sizes, even large engineering drawings. Our quality control system ensures that the highest level of integrity is achieved at every step of the process.


  • Increase efficiency in the daily flow of work
  • Finding archived documents easily
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Easy disaster recovery
  • Share documents across multiple offices
  • Increase document control and security
  • Comply with privacy and disclosure laws
  • Environmentally friendly "Green" solution