Charlevoix Register of Deeds

When the State of Michigan passed information privacy legislation that required Register of Deeds offices to remove Social Security Numbers from documents prior to providing them to the public, the Charlevoix County Register of Deeds needed a cost effective, easy to deploy solution that wouldn't require resources from an already over extended IT staff.

Redaction as a Service from ProcessPoint was able to exceed their expectations and provide a solution for both backfile redaction and day forward on demand redaction.

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Sandler & Travis Trade Advisory Services

ProcessPoint was able to reduce the overall costs of Sandler & Travis Trade Advisory Services' scanning and indexing process by 42% using On Demand Indexing. By providing our document processing team with highly optimized indexing tools and automatically extracting indexing data, ProcessPoint was able to reduce indexing time per document and indexing errors. On Demand Indexing also freed Sandler & Travis from worrying about staffing up and down based on the volume of indexing.

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