Redaction as a Service

Removing individual privacy information from documents (redaction) can be a time consuming and costly process. The widespread adoption of document imaging systems and the growth of web-based document distribution have created a need to automate the redaction of large quantities of documents.

Learn more about how ProcessPoint's "Redaction as a Service" model can provide you with real-time one demand redaction integrated directly into your document processing operations.

On Demand Indexing

ProcessPoint has experience with a wide variety of document coding and indexing techniques. Our skilled operators and in-house programmers specialize in extraction of specific data content from diverse documents to create database information.

Our integrated workflow approach allows our offsite indexing processes to work seamlessly within your document processing operations, allowing offsite indexing to appear as if it were being performed directly in your operations.


As more organizations embrace the inherent cost savings of using outsourced labor for document capture, there is a growing need to effectively manage these scan operations to ensure the overall quality of the process.

Designed explicitly to meet this need, ProcessPoint's ScanManager™ product is a set of workflow modules complete with all required tools specific to allow for the setup, management, control, and monitor of the scan process.

Backfile Services

Our highly skilled and trained document managers present unparalleled knowledge and expertise. With years of scanning experience, ProcessPoint has developed proven processes for assuring that all backfile conversion documents properly mesh with day-forward and work process implementations. We are experienced at handling documents of all type and sizes, even large engineering drawings.

Our quality control systems and web based monitoring ensures that the highest level of integrity is achieved at every step of the process. We offer a wide variety of scanning services to meet most any document capture needs.

EOB & Remit Processing

The extraction of claim payment data from paper documents is a business problem shared by many institutions. Typically, in cases where electronic return data is not available, paper documents must be manually processed using manual labor to extract payment information and enter data into a billing system.

ProcessPoint provides full EOB extraction as a hosted service, where you can determine the level of service that best suits your requirements. Our capabilities range from claim separation to full production of 835 data compatible with your billing systems.