EOB & Remit Processing


The extraction of claim payment data from paper documents is a business problem shared by many institutions. Typically, in cases where electronic return data is not available, paper documents must be manually processed using manual labor to extract payment information and enter data into a billing system.

Previous Solutions

For the most part, three types of solutions have been employed to address this need, including:

  • Direct Code from Paper or Image, where data is manually entered into the billing system.
  • Scan & Extract, where some portion of data is automatically extracted.
  • Full outsourcing of data entry.

EOB as a Service

ProcessPoint has created a new approach to this problem, run EOB extraction as a hosted service. Employing the EOB as a service model enables users to utilize their own onsite scan capabilities to capture documents requiring claim information extraction. Scanned documents are automatically transferred from your location to our centralized, automated extraction location. Using a hybrid combination of best-in-class OCR, claim extraction software and highly efficient manual QA checkpoints, the claim information is extracted, checked and converted to a standard 835 format. Finally, the process-control software completes the process, automatically returning the extracted data to you and optionally loading it directly into your billing system.


By using the EOB as a service model, you gain significant cost savings against manual claim data extraction. Additionally, in utilizing our centralized extraction center, you avoid the high cost of purchasing and maintaining your own extraction software. Additional savings are realized by eliminating the need for high-skilled clerical labor to operate the extraction software. Finally, our process control provides you with a complete, web-based set of monitors that allow you to track or find any specific item in process. This complete visibility allows you to maintain control over time-sensitive items and to monitor the entire process.