On Demand Indexing

Document indexing can be expensive and time consuming. Many businesses purchase scanners and train employees to do the indexing only to see a two-month project turn into a two-year cost overrun disaster. ProcessPoint offers an alternative: Document Indexing On Demand.

How it Works

ProcessPoint has experience with a wide variety of document coding and indexing techniques. Our skilled operators and in-house programmers specialize in extraction of specific data content from diverse documents to create database information. Our trained document indexing resources can organize your records, create indexes and prepare your files for electronic storage. Documents can be indexed by any data content or reference. This unique accompanying data file allows our customers to easily reference their documents in their own document management systems.


  • Access all documents swiftly and efficiently
  • Improve productivity by redirecting use of knowledge workers from low-value manual tasks, like document retrieval, to more high-value tasks
  • Easily integrate indexed information with existing systems
  • Make all documents readily searchable with classification and categorization used in indexing

The Document Indexing Process

Indexing Flowchart